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Tops Restaurant Manchester

TOPS World Buffet is all about great food, lovingly prepared. It's a buffet restaurant in Manchester where you can sample delicious dishes from all over the world – from China to Italy, from Thailand to India, from Japan to Thailand, from Malaysia to Singapore, from Korea to Vietnam, we’ve got it covered.


Sushi Kitchen Website

This website shows our range of sushi rice prepartation machines and equipment.


Sush Hire Website


Add some movement to your party, wedding reception or promotional event. There are two types of conveyor and a number of layouts to choose from.


Our Industrial Conveyors Website

MONK Conveyors Ltd. We are one of the leading suppliers of industrial conveyor systems in the UK. We design and install quality solutions for companies such as Specsavers, The Body Shop, Nikon, Vauxhall Motors, Ford, Fedex and many other leading companies.


Design & Concepts

Platform Group They design commercial interiors and exhibitions for advertising and marketing agencies and premium global and high street brands. They work with a variety of companies, developing strategy and content, designing concepts for and supplying the construction and technical information to build Retail, Leisure, Workplace, Mobile Product Launches, Brand and Visitor Experience Centers and Exhibitions. They have created most conceivable types of environment from brand experiences in buses to temporary and permanent constructions for some of the biggest and smallest companies in the world.