SC85 Sushi Conveyor Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do my plates come off the conveyors at a corner?

A. . Your plates may be too close together. Space the plates so that there is at least a 40mm gap between them. The effective length of the belt becomes shorter as it goes round a corner so the plates will close together as they travel round a corner and if they are too close they will ride up over each other and sometimes come off the belt.

Q. Why does my conveyor chain have jerky movement at slow speeds?

A. This may be due to one or both of the following:

a). Sticky surfaces between the chain and its supports first try cleaning and lubricating the underside of the chain and the white chain supports.

b). Elongation of the chain. The chain elongation will show up as misaligned segments along the conveyor top. Too much slack may cause high wear of the chain. A new conveyor should be checked after a total run-in time of 200 hours and the chain shortened if needed. The next inspection should be made after a further 1,000 hours of running. More frequent inspections are recommended if the conveyor is exceptionally long.

Q. Why does the drive make a lot of noise?

A. This may indicate that the gearbox has excessive wear. Contact our service department on +44 (0)1483 791700.

Q. Why do plates not travel around the crossover unit smoothly?

A. Check the level of the belt. It should be slightly lower than the surface of the chain at the on position and slightly higher than the chain surface at the off position.

Q. My conveyor will not run.

A. See manual SC85-002 and follow the instructions.