SC85 Sushi Conveyor Maintenance

  Video - How to tension the sushi chain by remove a link


Note: First switch off the power at the mains switch and place a label on the switch stating





To run this video phone +44 (0)1252 369800 for the password.

  1. In the centre of a long straight length of conveyor remove the silver sticker from the link that you want to remove.
  2. Lift the chain and place a sheet of soft material between the chain and the stainless steel body of the conveyor.
  3. Turn the chain over by twisting it and remove the circlip from the bottom of the chain pin using the pliers provided.
  4. Remove the connecting pin by pushing out through the top of the chain link.
  5. Separate the chain.
  6. Remove the link.
  7. Re-assemble the chain.
  8. Insert the pin of the exposed link into the top of the next chain link. (Note it is best to get an assistant to help pull the two ends of the chain together.)
  9. Insert a new circlip into the groove in the bottom of the pin - ENSURE THAT IT IS FULLY SEATED.
  10. Place the chain back in the conveyor body.
  11. Ensure that all tools and obstructions are removed.
  12. Test the chain by running it backwards BY HAND a few meters.
  13. Switch on the power and run the chain at slow speed for at least one complete circuit.